Why do Baccarat players bend the cards?

Bending or squeezing of cards by Baccarat players is done during live baccarat because the players wish to use their powers, force, will, or energy to influence the result of the game positively. Bending of cards is usually also done by the players in live baccarat to increase their chances of winning. This factor makes the otherwise dull game quite exciting and fun. This article attempts to discuss the reasons why Baccarat players bend the cards.

Reasons Behind Bending of Cards by Baccarat Players

There are various reasons why players bend cards while playing baccarat, but the most popular reason is winning. However, considering the idea, this gameplay is followed for a few more reasons. Now, we will be looking into other essential reasons in detail:

  • Superstitious Belief: If you have noticed someone bending or squeezing cards during a game, it is more likely due to superstition. These beliefs, even though not actual, do affect the player a lot. According to the players, this affects the overall outcome of the game.
  • Brings About Excitement: If you’ve ever played live baccarat online, it is rather a boring and monotonous game than otherwise. So, bending, squeezing, or pinching of cards is done for the sole purpose of bringing about excitement. Moreover, the ability to bend cards has become the sole reason behind the game’s rising popularity.
  • Player’s Worth is Portrayed: The players who bend or squeeze cards in a game of live baccarat online are usually considered untrained and not worthy. But that’s not the case. Those players who can place the most substantial bet with the bankers can bend the cards. Thus, the player’s worth can be determined through the bending process.
  • Increase Chances of Winning: It is a famous notion among players that bending cards in baccarat can increase winning chances. According to the player, when cards are bent or squeezed in baccarat, it can increase the chances of winning. That is one of the sole reasons why players bend the cards.

Reasons Why Online Baccarat Is So Famous

There are many reasons why live casino Baccarat is so famous. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Online casino bonuses can be used through the bending of cards.
  • The players can also use modes to practise betting systems.
  • Random number generators are there, which ensures fair play.
  • The players can choose from a wide range of Baccarat games.

Ways to Bend Cards in Baccarat

Cards are bent in baccarat by opening the player’s card in the hands of the Banker. Players need to reveal their value after that. Here the main goal is to reveal the playing cards’ value in both hands. Bending cards in baccarat is usually a fun and exciting activity that makes the game worth playing.


The bending of cards is quite an essential element of online Baccarat games. They make the game fun and exciting. Moreover, other beliefs are associated with the game, making it famous among the players. Though not all the prejudices associated with the bending of cards in baccarat are true, most of them make the players choose the process of bending.

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