Interesting Facts About Austria

Austria is a landlocked country located in the eastern Alps in the southern region of Central Europe. It is divided into nine states, including the capital, Vienna. Vienna is the most populous city in Austria. Austria has a very interesting history and is a great place to explore. The country has a population of nearly 30 million people and is home to many interesting facts.

Austria’s capital city, Vienna, is known as the capital of classical music. Each year, the city hosts the New Year’s Concert. Vienna is also home to the inventor of the sewing machine, Josef Madersperger, who was born in Vienna. Austria is also home to Christian Doppler, who invented the Doppler Effect, which is used in meteorology. While you’re in Austria, you can visit the Bad Gastein spa waters, but be aware of the radon levels. You must be accompanied by a doctor to access these waters.

Austria has one of the highest rates of women working outside the home. The country is also home to Ferdinand Porsche, who founded the German sports car company Porsche. In addition, former Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in Austria. A staggering 62% of Austria is covered by the Alps. The country’s economy is a mix of manufacturing and agriculture.

The country’s rulers have used the red-white-red colour scheme since the late 13th century. The country’s vast forests help reduce air pollution. More than half of Austria’s electricity is produced by renewable energy sources.

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